The Strange Sounds Your Boiler Makes

The Strange Sounds Your Boiler Makes

There might be plenty of reasons you can’t seem to fall asleep at night and we really hope strange noises aren’t one of those reasons. Is there anything worse than hearing an unfamiliar sound at night, especially when you know there’s nobody occupying any other area of the house? Well, in most cases it’s probably just an appliance or a piece of equipment working to keep your home comfortable and in today’s case, we’re going to cover some of the strange noises your boiler makes and what these sounds mean.

When you’re at a rock and roll concert, you expect to hear loud noises. When you’re sitting on the couch at home, or lying in bed, you don’t necessarily expect to hear clanking, banging or whistling sounds coming from the boiler, right? Well, these noises often indicate there is something wrong with the system — no, these noises are definitely not normal. Keep your ears open for the following:

Is your Boiler Making Banging Noises?

Your boiler making banging noises means there is a buildup of minerals around the heat exchanger. The industry refers to this as “Kettling.”

When the minerals build-up, they cause the water to boil leading to pressure and your boiler making banging noises. Your unit just needs a thorough cleaning.

Whistling & Howling Sounds

One thing that can cause whistling or howling sounds is the same scenario as the kettling noises we mentioned above. It could also be a result of air trapped somewhere in the system and oftentimes, a simple releasing of the air in the system is enough to eliminate the annoying sounds.

If that doesn’t seem to be the proper diagnosis or solution, it could mean that a fuel line is restricted or that there is a mechanical issue like worn bearings.

Bubbling & Gurgling Sounds

Similar to whistling and howling noises, these sounds could come as a result of air trapped in the system, but they can also be from sediment blockages in the bottom of the boiler or from a frozen condensate pipe. If you find that it’s the latter of the options, the pipe will need to thaw out before it can work properly again.

So, what can happen if you don’t tend to these noises fast? You could be out of hot water before you know it and that can lead to another series of unfortunate events.

When the hot water suddenly stops working, you may be unable to shower, wash dishes, and keep up with the laundry. Our fully licensed and insured Walla Walla plumbing company is here when you need us. We respond efficiently to your call to restore your hot water and we always stand by our services and our customers’ needs.

After all, the average lifespan of a boiler is only about 10 to 15 years. If yours is approaching the end of its lifespan, it could be time to replace it. In addition, if the water heater has been repaired more than once in the past and is now not working again, this may be a sign that you have invested enough in repair and the unit is reaching the end of its expected lifespan. We are happy to inspect your unit and recommend repair or replacement.

No matter which situation you find yourself in, it’s always best to get an opinion from an expert and that’s where we come in! Give Total Comfort Solutions a call and we’ll help you come up with the best possible solution for you unique situation. (509) 956-4764.


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