Cooling Hacks That Will Save You Money

Cooling Hacks That Will Save You Money

Air conditioning is a big expense during the summer. Not to mention, a summer spent mostly indoors. That’s why we here at Total Comfort Solutions are offering up some cooling tips! Here’s how you can drastically reduce your air conditioning bills this summer:

Don’t Strain Your System!

What is the most straightforward way to lower your cooling costs? Reducing system use and demand. It’s that simple! And, you can achieve this in two primary ways. The first is to increase the set temperature on your thermostat. The second, is to cool your home using alternative methods, so your air conditioning doesn’t have to do as much in the first place.

The Department of Energy estimates that, over an eight hour period, you can save up to 3% on your monthly cooling costs by increasing your set temperature by one degree. Now, imagine the monetary impact if you were to turn your thermostat up seven or eight degrees. These potential savings really add up!

Now, we understand that increasing your home temperature may not be feasibly comfortable. Yet, you can still save significantly by implementing this technique while you are away from your home. When you leave the house for prolonged periods of time, increase your set temperature! Also, try turning your system up a few degrees at night by switching to natural airflow. It tends too cool down in the evening here, so open a few windows at night to give your air conditioning system a break!

Reduce Sun Exposure

Direct sunlight will inherently heat your home. Make sure you have window coverings that will block the sunlight from entering your space while simultaneously reflecting the light. Effective use of light-colored blinds and curtains will provide the necessary protection you are looking for! Additionally, think of your landscaping! Plant foliage that will block direct sunlight and your indoor temperature will drop!

Try Cooking Outdoors!

Humidity is created from using your stove and oven, inherently raising your indoor temperature. Moving your daily cooking sessions outdoors—for instance, to your barbeque area—will allow you to reduce your air conditioning use! This will save you money, as you won’t have to worry about counteracting this phenomenon.

Practice These Maintenance Protocols

When it comes to reducing operational costs, the best way to ensure you are not wasting energy is by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance! About twice a year, you should have a professional technician inspect and repair your system. This will ensure that any malfunctions are caught before they cause a bigger problem. Remember: an efficient air conditioner is a cost-effective one.

Although maintenance is essential, you should show your system some TLC throughout the year too! Here’s how to improve the condition and performance of your unit:

  • Replace or clean your air filters monthly.

  • Keep your indoor temperature constant!

  • Refrain from adjusting the thermostat settings frequently!

  • Add weatherized windows to your space to reduce air leaks.

  • Use your ceiling fans for a wind chill effect.

  • Keep the outdoor compressor unit clean and free of debris!

Implementing these tips will keep your air conditioning system in a healthy state for longer! Its lifespan will increase and you will encounter fewer repairs over time.

We are here to ensure your air conditioning network is keeping you comfortable at a reasonable cost. Add these best practices to your daily routine and your utility bill should take a dive this summer!

For more information on HVAC services and indoor air quality, call Total Comfort Solutions, LLC at (509) 956-4764 or fill out an online contact form! We are here to help you navigate these uncertain times. The safety of our clients and technicians is our top priority, and we have implemented the CDC recommended protocols to ensure your health is protected.


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