How Proper HVAC Maintenance Can Help With Spring Allergies

How Proper HVAC Maintenance Can Help With Spring Allergies

The spring season is upon us! What is an exciting time of year for many can be a frustrating time for others due to seasonal allergies. Pollen is particularly prevalent during this time of year and it can be tough to escape. However, don’t give up just yet! There are quite a number of things you can do to limit the presence of air pollutants and the severity of allergies inside your home. We want to help, so read along to learn our tips to limit spring allergies!

Air Filtration

We’ll start with air filtration. Most seasonal allergens are caused by small airborne particles like pollen or dust mites. Luckily, your home should already have a system in place to help capture floating air particles in the form of air filters.

However, they do require some maintenance! Luckily, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is switch them out every 1-2 months! They’re fairly cheap to purchase and if you need help getting the right ones for your home, just give us a call and we can recommend some and conduct a maintenance visit on your home, as well.

Often, people forget to do this simple bit of maintenance or simply aren’t aware of it in the first place. You might be surprised how much better your indoor air quality. The change can be near-instantaneous!

Deep Clean for Spring

Your air filter is only one aspect of your home’s defense against allergens! Cleaning your home regularly is another. Allergens are everpresent especially outdoors during this season. Even a brief trek outdoors can lead to bringing back pollen on your shoes or clothes. This is why cleaning your home helps limit your risk of allergies.

There’s already a tradition of spring cleaning, so why not do a deep clean of your home. Dusting your furniture and vacuuming your rugs and carpet will get you the best bang for your buck as far as limiting allergies goes. These surfaces can serve as a sink for dust mites and other allergens, so it’s important to clean them regularly. Make vacuuming a part of your regular cleaning schedule and don’t forget about your floor vents either!

The X-Factor of Humidity

Humidity levels are another aspect of indoor air quality. It’s important to keep humidity between 30% and 40% as much as you can. Levels higher than that can cause problems with mold growth. Mold spores, as you can imagine, are not great for the health of the air in your home.

Dry air can be even more dangerous. If you constantly wake up with dry sinuses, you may have a humidity problem. If this is the case, you are actually more susceptible to allergy symptoms because the mucus in your nose and throat is the first line of defense against allergens!

If you need to add humidity to the air, cooking or air drying your clothes are easy ways to do it!

Overall, it’s important to recognize how much control you actually have as a homeowner, or even as a renter, over the quality of the air you’re breathing in your home. Implement these tips and the spring allergy season will be less severe for you and your family!

For more information on HVAC services and indoor air quality, contact Total Comfort Solutions, LLC at (509) 956-4764! We are here to help you navigate these uncertain times. The safety of our clients and our employees is a top priority, and we have implemented the CDC recommended protocols.


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