Sweeping Up The Cobwebs: How to Clean Your HVAC

Sweeping Up The Cobwebs: How to Clean Your HVAC

Sweeping Up The Cobwebs

The Spooky Sight of A Dirty HVAC

Halloween is just around the corner, and time to decorate your home to look as scary as possible to get into the spooky spirit. While your front porch can look scary, there is no reason your HVAC system should. If you notice that it has been a while since you have given your HVAC a deep cleaning, no worries, we’re here to show you how easy it can be to clean and avoid your HVAC upstaging your Halloween decoration and costumes.

Cleaning Your AC Unit

Before attempting to clean your air conditioning unit, make sure it is powered down altogether to avoid unwanted shocks. We’re cleaning an AC, not creating Frankenstein. Find the service disconnect for your unit to shut off power, or find the breaker for your AC and shut it off. Once the power to the unit is completely shut off, you can unscrew the top panel to take out your fan and remove any debris. Use a vacuum to remove larger debris like any leaves or rocks.

To clean the fins of your AC unit, first, unscrew and remove the outer covers. Using a hose or other water source, gently spray the fins from the inside to have any build-up flow out of the AC unit. You do not want to use a high-pressure washer because you will damage the fins. If water is not enough to clean the fins, you may purchase an AC coil cleaner from your local home improvement store. Make sure to follow the directions on the coil cleaner to allow the cleaning solution to set.

Once you are done cleaning out your AC unit, screw back the panels and fan in place, then once everything is put back together, turn the power back on. If it has been a long time since you have deep cleaned your AC, make sure to take the time to remove any build-up of debris and dirt. Cleaning your AC can be daunting or just incredibly tedious, so why not contact us and our professionals will do the hard part for you!

Replacing Filters

While deep cleaning is excellent, remember to check on your air filters to ensure that cleaning does not go to waste. If you own permanent filters, you can clean your filters instead of replacing them. Ensure the HVAC system is off, remove the filter, and run some water through the filter. Water should be enough to clean your filter.

For disposable filters, it is much easier to replace your filters. Thankfully you only need to switch out your filters every few months. Be sure to check which filters your HVAC system uses, as not all filters are the same, to know when to replace the filters. Placing a new filter is simple, and the instructions usually come alongside the packaging.

Cleaning Your Vents and Registers

Around your home, make sure to inspect the registers and vents for any build-up of dust. You can unscrew the air register or even vent covers to get a better angle to clean the area with a brush or cloth. Make sure to wash the register with a brush, water, and some soap to get rid of dirt and grime. Allow the registers to dry completely to avoid a wet surface that will allow for grime build-up down the line. You can use a vacuum cleaner to reach into your vents to scoop out any hard-to-reach corners for dust.

Good As New After A Deep Cleaning

While cleaning your HVAC unit can be tedious, checking and regularly cleaning the system is essential. A cleaner HVAC means less build-up of allergens, as well as more efficient cooling and heating.

If you notice some areas are hard to reach or have some difficulty cleaning your HVAC, simply give us a call at (509) 956-4764 or fill out an online contact form to schedule an appointment! Total Comfort Solutions, LLC is here for you during this spooky season and all year round.


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