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At Total Comfort Solutions, we answer your plumbing and HVAC questions. Contact us for more information! We proudly serve Walla Walla, College Place, and the surrounding areas.

A burning plastic smell from your heater probably indicates that you have plastic wrapping, plastic toys, or other debris in your vents or ducts. Another possible reason for a burning plastic smell could be overheating plastic-coated wires, capacitors, or fan belts. Burning plastic is toxic, so make sure you turn off the heating system and address the issue right away.

Although furnaces can either catch fire or explode, it’s highly unlikely. Manufacturers design furnaces to shut off if they detect the danger of a fire or explosion. If you invest in preventive furnace maintenance and keep your unit in good repair, you won’t have to worry about any fires or explosions.

Gas or vinegar smells every time you turn on your AC often point to improperly drained water inside your unit. Failing to address the issue right away will likely lead to mold and mildew problems. Other possible causes of that sour, vinegar-like smell include:
  • An electric motor that emits ozone.
  • A malfunctioning filter.
  • Mold in the ductwork.
  • Excessive condensation on coils.
  • A clogged condensate pan or drain line.

Fixing water pressure issues can range from quick fixes to costly projects. With a bit of know-how, some investigation, and a plumber’s expert help, you should be able to improve the water pressure in your home. The following solutions can come in handy when working to improve your water pressure issues:
  • Contact your neighbors to see if they’re experiencing a similar issue.
  • Check your well pump.
  • Test the pressure yourself.
  • Fix a broken pressure regulator.
  • Clear buildup or corrosion in pipes.
  • Open your main water valve.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Replace your regulator.
  • Install a water pressure booster.
Some of the tasks above require a plumber’s expertise. Don’t hesitate to contact our Total Comfort Solutions team for help.

Several things can cause your home’s water supply to run out faster than usual. The most common culprits include:
  • Sediment buildup
  • A broken dip tube
  • A faulty blower heating element
Water heater repair is complicated. The necessary repairs are often difficult, requiring high skill levels and expertise. As soon as you encounter issues with your water supply, get in touch with Total Comfort Solutions. We’ll diagnose problems with your system and recommend the best solution.

We know that the cost of any repair or installation is a major factor in deciding what company to use. Every situation is unique, so we can’t provide a blanket answer to this question. Our worry-free process included upfront pricing. Here’s how it works:
  • For repairs: Give us a call and our customer service representative will tell you exactly how much it will cost to send a fully trained and licensed technician to your home. This will include the base fee to cover the time of the technician to come to your home to assess the problem and any travel they may need to do to reach you.
  • If you give our team the go-ahead, they will schedule a trained technician to come out - before they even leave they will ensure their vehicle is stocked and ready with parts they anticipate they may need based on how you describe the problem. Once they arrive, they will diagnose the problem and then explain what’s going on to you. They will be able to provide options for repair or replacement, a timeline for when that work can be done, and the estimated cost for each option. They will always provide upfront pricing before completing any service that would incur charges beyond the initial fee.
  • For installations: If you are considering installing a new HVAC or sewer system or are planning a remodel involving sinks, toilets, showers, or tubs, we can provide an estimate for free. Our expert Comfort Consultants will discuss your specific project and unique needs and will develop a tailored quote for your needs.

We service the following cities and zip codes in Washington and Oregon:


  • Walla Walla: 99362
  • College Place: 99324
  • Touchet: 99360
  • Waitsburg: 99361
  • Dayton: 99328
  • Pomeroy: 99347
  • Prescott: 99348
  • Burbank: 99323
  • Lowden: 99362


  • Milton Freewater: 97862
  • Athena: 97813
  • Weston: 97886
  • Pendleton: 97801
  • Umapine: 97862
We do not serve the Tri-Cities at this time.

Our heating and cooling technicians provide repair and installation on heat pumps, furnaces, gas fireplaces, air conditioners, ductless mini splits, thermostats, gas lines, blower motors, and more! Our plumbers address common plumbing issues such as clogged drains, backed-up sewer systems, leaky faucets, and mystery flooding. We repair and install showers, sinks, toilets, water heaters (both tankless and traditional), water treatment systems, and more! We do not provide duct cleaning services. We do not offer backflow testing. We do not perform appliance repair - we can address a water line issue to an appliance, but do not work on appliances themselves.

Free estimates are provided for heating, cooling, sewer system installations, and plumbing remodels.

Do you have questions regarding plumbing and HVAC services in Walla Walla, WA, or the surrounding area? Our experts at Total Comfort Solutions can provide the answers you need. Call us today at 509-676-4215 to speak to a friendly representative and schedule service.