Clearing Clutter

There are two steps to getting organized — discarding the unwanted, and finding more (and better) ways to store what you have. A balance of both works well,
and getting organized is a perfect Spring cleaning resolution. Try these handy tips for clearing clutter: 

Step 1: Discard the unwanted. Getting rid of unwanted items doesn’t have to be painful. Most of the time we keep stuff around because we think we might need it. The golden rule is, if you haven’t used the item in one year, chances are you never will. When in doubt, box it up, date it, and if it’s still untouched in a year, donate it to your favorite charity.

Tip: What about “treasures”? Whether it’s a postcard from a loved one, or a finger painting from a grandchild, sometimes memories are too hard to part with. Solution: Purchase an attractive container and start a memory box. That way, all your treasures end up safely (and neatly) in one spot.

Step 2: Organize what’s left. Similar things stay together. That means all the crafting stuff belongs in one place, important papers belong in another. Home clutter can be greatly reduced by simply organizing what you’ve got. Whether it’s in a drawer or a box under your bed, having it all together saves time looking for an item and it reduces clutter. 

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Tip: When you begin to organize and clean clutter, don’t get stumped by those odds and ends that seem to have no home. You have no idea what they are or who they belong to — such as small pieces and parts of broken items, or unidentified keys. Simply put them all together in a shoebox. Next time you’re missing an odd part, you’ll know where to look. Make sure the whole family knows the game plan so they too can place unidentified objects in the box instead of leaving them around to collect dust.

And remember, organizing and clearing clutter can be tackled in bitesize pieces … one room … one closet … even one workspace. If the project seems overwhelming, try starting with something small, such as one drawer or cabinet. You’ll be inspired by your progress, and soon you’ll find your home clutter-free.

Incomparably Cool

flan bladePower, efficiency and quiet operation — Lennox’sXC21 air conditioner has it all. Harnessing thelatest in industry-leading technology, the XC21delivers optimum performance while maintaininga high SEER rating and low noise level.

The XC21’s scroll compressor features twostagecooling. The low stage is enough to meet80% of your household cooling needs, deliveringefficiencies of up to 21.20 SEER and potentiallyhundreds of dollars in annual energy savings.

In addition, exclusive SilentComfort™ technologymakes it 20% quieter than conventional air conditioners. Its outdoor fan motorfeatures composite fan blades for reliable, quiet performance, while patentpendingvortex-suppression technology reduces the noise of airflow leavingthe unit.

Who says you can’t have it all? Call us today to learn more.

Utilizing Ceiling Fans For YearRound Savings

fanIf you’ve been using your ceiling fans to help circulate heat in your home this winter, it’s time to flip the switch, located near the fan motor.

During colder months, ceiling fans can be useful energy savers, effectively moving trapped heat into the living areas. When operating in a clockwise rotation (forward), they push up the air and pull the warm air trapped near the ceiling down the sides of the room improving heat distribution.

As the weather warms up, you want the blades to be rotating in a counter-clockwise direction (reverse). This creates a breeze effect or “windchill” that cools our skin.

As we look for ways to cut heating and cooling costs, it pays to use every tool available to reduce our energy consumption and keep us comfortable. 

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