Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

Benefits of Water Heater Replacement 

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower in the middle of the winter, except for a shower that starts hot and then turns icy cold in seconds. In both of these situations, it’s wise to consider water heater replacement. While one can hire a professional to render various repairs, if these repairs are too frequent, it could be more cost-effective to get a new appliance. But getting a new water heater installed isn’t a negative. This blog will discuss some of the main benefits of getting a new water heater. 

Saving Money on Energy Bills 

On average, a water heater can last 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Some water heaters (tankless water heaters) can last 20 years. However, one thing’s certain: a water heater’s age shows with each passing year. This generally manifests as higher energy bills, decreased efficiency, and frequent inconveniences. 

Installing a new water heater benefits homeowners in that it will work more efficiently and cost less to operate. The new water heater will be more efficient and save homeowners money on energy bills, so installing a new water heater can actually save homeowners money when the old water heater is inefficient. 

Faster Hot Water Recovery Rate

waterEveryone wants a water heater with a fast hot water recovery rate. That means it can dispense and heat water quickly after the hot water has been used up. As a water heater ages, it generally loses its quick recovery rate, meaning it takes longer to heat water. A water heater that could once heat 25 gallons of water in minutes could now take close to an hour to work as expected. 

With a new water heater, one can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Longer, hotter showers 
  • Shorter waiting times for hot water
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes 
  • Energy savings 

Space Savings 

heaterAnother benefit of new water heaters is that they can be much smaller and save space. Today’s water heaters are more efficient and require less space, particularly tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are compact units that can be mounted on a wall, making them an ideal solution for areas with limited space. This is especially beneficial in homes where the heater needs to be installed in smaller storage locations like garages, basements, or closets. 

By having a tankless water heater, homeowners can free up valuable real estate from the area in which it is installed and make more efficient use of their limited space. Furthermore, tankless water heaters are incredibly energy-efficient because they only heat the water when needed, rather than storing hot water in a large tank like traditional models. This energy efficiency also leads to lower water heating costs. 

About Total Comfort Solutions 

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated business serving Walla Walla, WA, and the surrounding areas since 2008. They provide straightforward pricing, on-time service, and a worry-free process. Call them today for water heater or tankless water heater services in Walla Walla, WA.

There Are Endless Benefits To Hiring a Professional Plumber

DIY Plumbing Is Out: Call a Professional Today

DIY plumbing is never a good idea. Some homeowners may be convinced that since they’ve had a little experience with plumbing or handy work in the past, they can cut costs by doing the project themselves. However, in most cases, the project ends up costing them a lot more in money, time, and energy, than if they were to call in a professional. 

Not only does a DIY plumbing job take longer, but more mistakes are made, and more money is wasted on parts, tools, and the gas to take multiple trips to the hardware store. The job could also get done improperly because the person looked it up online rather than calling a professional. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional plumber.

Avoid Costly Mistakes 

diyDuring DIY plumbing projects, homeowners typically make more mistakes and spend more money by the end of the project compared to qualified professionals. Plumbing is complex, and professionals have the training and knowledge necessary to work on it. There are a lot of moving parts. So, even if homeowners have changed out a showerhead or unclogged a toilet, that doesn’t mean they can fix any plumbing problem as quickly or accurately. 

Plumbing DIY projects usually aren’t as cheap as they originally seem. The homeowner makes mistakes, breaks things, or — at the very least — wastes money on multiple trips to the hardware store when everything a plumber needs for a job is typically already in their truck. 

Save Time and Effort 

savePlumbing problems can be time-consuming. However, professionals fix the problem quickly, efficiently, and safely and even give homeowners advice on how to maintain their plumbing in the future. Maintaining the system can help prevent problems before they occur, saving homeowners even more time that would have been spent on other repairs in the future. 

A plumbing system that is under the care of trusted professionals is a system that lasts longer and works more efficiently. Trying to fix a plumbing problem without a professional can take a lot of time that homeowners probably don’t have. If they hire a professional, they’ll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently so they can return to their life and busy schedules.

Ditch the Anxiety and Trust the Professionals 

The great thing about most professional plumbers is that they have an active license and insurance. All qualified plumbing companies insure their workers because of how dangerous plumbing can get. This is yet another reason homeowners should avoid DIY plumbing.

When plumbers are insured, homeowners are not financially liable for any mistakes or accidents during service. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their wallets are protected, but with DIY plumbing, homeowners would be financially responsible for all damages. Once homeowners know they have a trustworthy, licensed, insured, and experienced plumber, they can sit back and relax until the job is done, knowing they are saving time and money. 

About Total Comfort Solutions 

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated company serving its neighbors in Walla Walla, WA, and the surrounding areas for over a decade. They provide straightforward pricing, on-time service, and free installation estimates. Call them today for plumbing services in Walla Walla, WA.