How to Get the Plumbing Ready for Thanksgiving

Tips for Preventing a Plumbing Disaster

As Thanksgiving approaches, homeowners should start preparing for the holidays by giving their plumbing a tune-up. Cooking a Thanksgiving feast and hosting guests at the house can put additional strain on the plumbing system. If there is a plumbing emergency, it could ruin the day. 

A clogged toilet could end in disaster if wastewater backs up into the home through the drains. Homeowners will surely be embarrassed if a plumbing disaster ruins Thanksgiving for everyone. This blog post shares some tips from plumbing professionals on how to get the home’s plumbing ready for Thanksgiving. 

Don’t Let a Clogged Toilet Ruin Thanksgiving

toiletPrevent clogged toilets this year by practicing proper flushing. Homeowners should be sure to unclog toilets and practice good habits to prevent clogs before guests arrive. A clogged toilet can cause a stinky, unsanitary mess that will ruin guests’ appetites this Thanksgiving. 

The best way to prevent a clogged toilet is to avoid flushing anything besides toilet paper. Even wipes advertised as flushable can build up in the sewer line and eventually cause a clog because they don’t break down as well as toilet paper. The toilet should be for flushing toilet paper only, and everything else should go in a trash can. 

A toilet that is chronically getting clogged could be caused by a clogged sewer line. Homeowners should contact a local plumbing company to help unclog toilets constantly getting clogged since it indicates an issue with the sewer line. It may be because tree roots have grown into the sewer line. 

Prevent and Repair Blocked Sewer Lines 

sewer linesProfessional plumbers have specialized tools to help them fix blocked sewer pipes. Sometimes a clog moves from the drain further down the sewer line. Tree roots can grow into the sewer line in search of water through any cracks they find. It may require inserting a camera into the pipes to locate the source of the clog. 

The sewer line needs to be unclogged as soon as possible because when the sewer is backed up, it could cause the line to burst. A burst pipe underground, especially a part of the sewer lines, will be a messy and costly problem to clean up. 

Homeowners can prevent blocked sewer lines by being mindful of what gets put in drains and flushed and having the system regularly maintained by a plumbing professional. Avoiding putting cooking grease and oil down drains and routine drain cleaning will help prevent sewer line clogs. 

Professional Methods

Drain cleaning and maintenance by professionals is vital to keeping a plumbing system in good working order. Having a professional clean and inspect drains regularly can help prevent various issues, from clogs and blockages to more serious problems like leaks and water damage.

In addition to preventing major problems, drain cleaning and maintenance can also save homeowners money in the long run by extending the life of their plumbing system. A well-maintained system will be less likely to need repairs or replacement parts, meaning they’ll save money on costly repairs.

Investing in regular drain cleaning and maintenance is a smart way to protect a home or business’s plumbing system. It’s an affordable way to prevent big problems before they start, saving homeowners money in the long run. Be sure to call a professional drain cleaning and maintenance service to keep drains clean and clear and prevent plumbing emergencies before the holidays.

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