Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

Benefits of Water Heater Replacement 

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower in the middle of the winter, except for a shower that starts hot and then turns icy cold in seconds. In both of these situations, it’s wise to consider water heater replacement. While one can hire a professional to render various repairs, if these repairs are too frequent, it could be more cost-effective to get a new appliance. But getting a new water heater installed isn’t a negative. This blog will discuss some of the main benefits of getting a new water heater. 

Saving Money on Energy Bills 

On average, a water heater can last 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Some water heaters (tankless water heaters) can last 20 years. However, one thing’s certain: a water heater’s age shows with each passing year. This generally manifests as higher energy bills, decreased efficiency, and frequent inconveniences. 

Installing a new water heater benefits homeowners in that it will work more efficiently and cost less to operate. The new water heater will be more efficient and save homeowners money on energy bills, so installing a new water heater can actually save homeowners money when the old water heater is inefficient. 

Faster Hot Water Recovery Rate

waterEveryone wants a water heater with a fast hot water recovery rate. That means it can dispense and heat water quickly after the hot water has been used up. As a water heater ages, it generally loses its quick recovery rate, meaning it takes longer to heat water. A water heater that could once heat 25 gallons of water in minutes could now take close to an hour to work as expected. 

With a new water heater, one can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Longer, hotter showers 
  • Shorter waiting times for hot water
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes 
  • Energy savings 

Space Savings 

heaterAnother benefit of new water heaters is that they can be much smaller and save space. Today’s water heaters are more efficient and require less space, particularly tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are compact units that can be mounted on a wall, making them an ideal solution for areas with limited space. This is especially beneficial in homes where the heater needs to be installed in smaller storage locations like garages, basements, or closets. 

By having a tankless water heater, homeowners can free up valuable real estate from the area in which it is installed and make more efficient use of their limited space. Furthermore, tankless water heaters are incredibly energy-efficient because they only heat the water when needed, rather than storing hot water in a large tank like traditional models. This energy efficiency also leads to lower water heating costs. 

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How to Find the Right HVAC Company This Holiday Season

Look for These Three Things in a Heating and Cooling Company 

It’s not always easy finding a reliable home improvement service. There are dozens of companies online that claim to offer five-star service but fall short when they finally show up. That makes it important for homeowners to know how to tell the professional HVAC experts from the charlatans. When looking for an HVAC contractor, homeowners should look for the following: 

Positive Reviews on Multiple Platforms reviews

Reviews, whether positive or negative, give insight into how HVAC contractors operate. Yet, glancing at a few five-star reviews only goes so far. Consistency is important for a heating and cooling company. Homeowners should look for the following: 

  • Words reflecting their service, like “honest” and “reliable” 
  • Reviews that have substance–no one-sentence comments
  • Feedback from people who have left multiple reviews 
  • Recent feedback (reviews that are more than two years old aren’t as reliable) 
  • The same complaints (or praises) come up again and again 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, and Facebook allow users to leave reviews about HVAC companies. Angi (formerly known as “Angie’s List”) also hosts reviews about home improvement services, from heating and air conditioning repairs to plumbing. 

There’s no such thing as a perfect home improvement service. So, it’s not uncommon to see a few negative reviews in a sea of five-star ones. It’s crucial to consider the company’s services as a whole rather than dwelling on a few negatives. 

Licensed and Insured Contractors 

A lot can go wrong when installing or repairing an HVAC system, even when the fix seems relatively straightforward. That makes it essential for homeowners only to hire licensed and insured contractors. Technicians must undergo years of training to receive a license so they have the knowledge needed to work on these complicated systems safely. 

Hiring an insured heating and cooling company means that if anything goes wrong, the contractor has liability insurance that pays for it. Without hiring a contractor who is properly insured, a homeowner risks having to pay for any damage or further repairs out of pocket. This could put them in dire financial straits––and that’s the last thing anyone wants during the holiday season. 

Offer Maintenance Plans /maintenance

Many HVAC companies offer maintenance membership plans. For a nominal annual or monthly fee, homeowners get the maintenance their system needs every year and can access certain benefits not available to non-members. Some of these plans offer: 

  • Discounted services: Homeowners can get discounts on parts and labor for services. 
  • Annual maintenance visits: HVAC systems need maintenance twice a year. Once a year for the heater and once for the air conditioner, the plan will cover both. 
  • Prompt scheduling: When homeowners have a maintenance plan, they typically get priority scheduling. This means they don’t have to wait to consult with a professional. 

One can learn more about an HVAC company’s maintenance plans on their website or when they call. Homeowners can also ask other questions before hiring the HVAC company, including whether they carry insurance. 

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How to Get the Plumbing Ready for Thanksgiving

Tips for Preventing a Plumbing Disaster

As Thanksgiving approaches, homeowners should start preparing for the holidays by giving their plumbing a tune-up. Cooking a Thanksgiving feast and hosting guests at the house can put additional strain on the plumbing system. If there is a plumbing emergency, it could ruin the day. 

A clogged toilet could end in disaster if wastewater backs up into the home through the drains. Homeowners will surely be embarrassed if a plumbing disaster ruins Thanksgiving for everyone. This blog post shares some tips from plumbing professionals on how to get the home’s plumbing ready for Thanksgiving. 

Don’t Let a Clogged Toilet Ruin Thanksgiving

toiletPrevent clogged toilets this year by practicing proper flushing. Homeowners should be sure to unclog toilets and practice good habits to prevent clogs before guests arrive. A clogged toilet can cause a stinky, unsanitary mess that will ruin guests’ appetites this Thanksgiving. 

The best way to prevent a clogged toilet is to avoid flushing anything besides toilet paper. Even wipes advertised as flushable can build up in the sewer line and eventually cause a clog because they don’t break down as well as toilet paper. The toilet should be for flushing toilet paper only, and everything else should go in a trash can. 

A toilet that is chronically getting clogged could be caused by a clogged sewer line. Homeowners should contact a local plumbing company to help unclog toilets constantly getting clogged since it indicates an issue with the sewer line. It may be because tree roots have grown into the sewer line. 

Prevent and Repair Blocked Sewer Lines 

sewer linesProfessional plumbers have specialized tools to help them fix blocked sewer pipes. Sometimes a clog moves from the drain further down the sewer line. Tree roots can grow into the sewer line in search of water through any cracks they find. It may require inserting a camera into the pipes to locate the source of the clog. 

The sewer line needs to be unclogged as soon as possible because when the sewer is backed up, it could cause the line to burst. A burst pipe underground, especially a part of the sewer lines, will be a messy and costly problem to clean up. 

Homeowners can prevent blocked sewer lines by being mindful of what gets put in drains and flushed and having the system regularly maintained by a plumbing professional. Avoiding putting cooking grease and oil down drains and routine drain cleaning will help prevent sewer line clogs. 

Professional Methods

Drain cleaning and maintenance by professionals is vital to keeping a plumbing system in good working order. Having a professional clean and inspect drains regularly can help prevent various issues, from clogs and blockages to more serious problems like leaks and water damage.

In addition to preventing major problems, drain cleaning and maintenance can also save homeowners money in the long run by extending the life of their plumbing system. A well-maintained system will be less likely to need repairs or replacement parts, meaning they’ll save money on costly repairs.

Investing in regular drain cleaning and maintenance is a smart way to protect a home or business’s plumbing system. It’s an affordable way to prevent big problems before they start, saving homeowners money in the long run. Be sure to call a professional drain cleaning and maintenance service to keep drains clean and clear and prevent plumbing emergencies before the holidays.

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Fall is Coming ‘ Make Sure the HVAC System is Ready

Getting Heaters Ready For Fall 

The fall months are on their way, and it’s important that homeowners are prepared to ensure that their heating system will last through the cooler months. There are several ways that homeowners can ensure that their house will reach a climate to provide comfortable living on the inside while it’s cold outside. This article will share tips from HVAC professionals on the proper preparation to get heaters ready for cooler weather.

Tip 1: Maintenance 

maintenanceHVAC maintenance should be conducted by a qualified professional twice a year, once for the AC and once for the heater. Heater maintenance is best in the fall to prepare it for cooler weather and heavy use. 

Heater tune-ups have many appealing benefits, including the reduction of home energy bills. With more money saved on a properly functioning HVAC system, homeowners can spend it on family activities and preparing for the holidays. Another benefit is improving a household’s comfort level and indoor air quality. Maintenance also leads to a longer system lifespan and fewer repairs. 

There are a few important steps that a technician will go through to guarantee a proper assessment is done. A technician will check the system’s circuits, the safety controls, all of the caps in the system, and the electrical components within to check for any damage. It’s important to contact a professional to provide proper maintenance. 

Tip 2: Regularly Change Air Filters 

filterAs a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that air filters be replaced at least once every three months. They may need to be replaced more often, depending on factors like the type of filter or if a home has pets. This may seem excessive, but clean air filters are essential to proper function, inexpensive, and easy to change. 

Air filters trap any particles in the air to block them from getting into the system and attaching to coils. If the blockage on the coil is severe enough, it won’t be able to provide a cool atmosphere in a household and can cause further damage to the HVAC system. 

Aside from avoiding damage to the system, there are other benefits to changing air filters on time. Air filters help clean air to move throughout a household by removing airborne particles from flowing inside the home. By regularly replacing air filters, homeowners can reap the advantages of comfortable indoor temperatures and better indoor air quality. 

Tip 3: Pay Attention to Energy Usage 

Paying attention to a household’s energy usage is beneficial for homeowners. They should monitor their energy usage throughout the season to see where they can save money. Installing a smart thermostat or weatherstripping are two ways to reduce energy consumption and save on energy bills. 

Additionally, monitoring energy usage is important because higher-than-average energy bills can signify issues with the HVAC system. It can alert homeowners of a problem so they can get it fixed by a technician before it gets worse. Homeowners can save money and keep their homes comfortable all year long by being mindful of energy usage.

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Reasons to Install a Water Filtration System

Why Get a Water Filtration System?

Nearly every home in the US is lucky enough to have access to safe drinking water regulated by federal standards. Access to clean drinking water is a public health measure that has saved countless lives and prevented the misery of millions since waterborne diseases are some of the most common in countries without this valuable infrastructure. Unfortunately, just because water is safe from diseases doesn’t mean it’s always healthy and tasty. 

Instead of buying bottled water or being subjected to water that is safe to drink but still full of pollutants, consider a water filtration system. Reverse osmosis systems can remove contaminants and improve the taste of the water, so each homeowner has control of this precious resource. Here are a few reasons why water filtration systems are becoming so popular. 

Tastier Drinking Water

water One of the biggest complaints about domestic water supplies is that they often taste bad. Domestic water supplies can have undesirable tastes for various reasons, so it isn’t helpful to try and prevent bad-tasting water. It makes more sense to remove everything contributing to the bad taste. Reverse osmosis water filters can remove pollutants and minerals that make water taste bad. 

In addition to making water more palatable, water filters also make it safer. Treated water still has a variety of pollutants that can be harmful to a person’s health. Water filtration systems can remove these pollutants and render the water safer and better tasting. Some of these pollutants are:

  • Chemicals like pesticides and herbicides
  • VOCs
  • Heavy metals
  • Dissolved solids
  • Hardness minerals 

Reduces Costs

save Removing pollutants from water can save homeowners money in two ways. First, many homeowners must buy bottled water when they don’t drink tap water. Bottled water costs a lot more than tap water, so they are needlessly wasting money buying expensive water when they could use their own with a water filtration system. 

Secondly, running cleaner water through plumbing has a beneficial effect on pipes and appliances. When excess minerals and corrosive chemicals are allowed to stay in the water, it can cause damage to fixtures, piping, and appliances. Removing these through filtration saves money on needless replacement of equipment and plumbing repairs. 

Helps the Environment by Reducing Waste 

A secondary concern about bottled water is the plastic waste generated by households constantly purchasing bottled water. Trillions of bottles are stuck in landfills or the ocean simply because homeowners didn’t know they could use tap water for drinking with a water filtration system. Put a stop to the wasteful practice of buying bottled water by installing an eco-friendly reverse osmosis filtration system. 

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the confidence and peace of mind that their water is tasty and safe? With a water filtration system, homeowners can fill their reusable bottles and drink delicious, safe, and refreshing water without environmental concerns. 

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Air Conditioning Basics for Homeowners

Air Conditioning Basics

In the summer heat, it’s hard to under-appreciate the air conditioner. But, just because everyone loves to enjoy that cold air on a hot day doesn’t mean homeowners understand much about how they work. When homeowners are left in the dark about their home’s critical systems, they can accumulate repair bills and needlessly waste electricity with lost efficiency.

Take back control of the home. This guide from local air conditioning experts can help homeowners learn the basics about their home’s cooling system and how to care for it better so it will last longer and keep everyone more comfortable.

Options for Air Conditioners

ductless mini split One of the first things to learn about air conditioners is the variety of options available for cooling homes and businesses. Too many people shopping for a new air conditioning system don’t know what options are available to them simply because they have no experience with anything other than what is installed in their home. Luckily, the types of air conditioners can be boiled down to two main options:

  • Central Air Conditioning: This is the option that most people are familiar with. For over 50 years, central air conditioning has been the most common choice for air conditioning in homes, especially in new construction. Central air conditioning uses a central blower and a network of air ducts to distribute cold air.
  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning: Innovations in air conditioning led to discoveries that central air conditioning isn’t as efficient as possible because of the energy loss that occurs in air ducts, and they cool the entire home instead of only occupied spaces. Ductless mini split air conditioners reduce utility bills by cooling only the desired rooms and because they don’t need air ducts to work. Mini-splits use special blowers to cool the home in zones, allowing different parts of the house to be set to different temperatures.

When to Schedule AC Repairs

higher cooling billsRegardless of the style of the air conditioner, there will come a time when AC repairs are necessary. Scheduling air conditioner repairs at the first sign of trouble can help prevent the problem from growing. Some of the early signs that air conditioner repair may be needed are:

  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Higher than normal cooling bills
  • Water leaks around the unit
  • Strange noises like grinding or squealing

Calling for professional help as soon as possible is always the best thing to do so any damage doesn’t worsen. Problems that are caught early can often be repaired in a single visit.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

To avoid unnecessary air conditioner repairs, homeowners must stick to a maintenance plan with professional help. Air conditioner maintenance can help AC units last longer, need repairs less often, and save money through better efficiency. Annual maintenance on the AC by a qualified technician is recommended to maximize these benefits.

For homeowners, ensure air filters are always changed on time. Air filters reduce dust and grime in the home and inside air conditioners. Get on a schedule and ensure air filters are replaced at least every three months or more often if a home has pets or allergy sufferers.

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There Are Endless Benefits To Hiring a Professional Plumber

DIY Plumbing Is Out: Call a Professional Today

DIY plumbing is never a good idea. Some homeowners may be convinced that since they’ve had a little experience with plumbing or handy work in the past, they can cut costs by doing the project themselves. However, in most cases, the project ends up costing them a lot more in money, time, and energy, than if they were to call in a professional. 

Not only does a DIY plumbing job take longer, but more mistakes are made, and more money is wasted on parts, tools, and the gas to take multiple trips to the hardware store. The job could also get done improperly because the person looked it up online rather than calling a professional. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional plumber.

Avoid Costly Mistakes 

diyDuring DIY plumbing projects, homeowners typically make more mistakes and spend more money by the end of the project compared to qualified professionals. Plumbing is complex, and professionals have the training and knowledge necessary to work on it. There are a lot of moving parts. So, even if homeowners have changed out a showerhead or unclogged a toilet, that doesn’t mean they can fix any plumbing problem as quickly or accurately. 

Plumbing DIY projects usually aren’t as cheap as they originally seem. The homeowner makes mistakes, breaks things, or — at the very least — wastes money on multiple trips to the hardware store when everything a plumber needs for a job is typically already in their truck. 

Save Time and Effort 

savePlumbing problems can be time-consuming. However, professionals fix the problem quickly, efficiently, and safely and even give homeowners advice on how to maintain their plumbing in the future. Maintaining the system can help prevent problems before they occur, saving homeowners even more time that would have been spent on other repairs in the future. 

A plumbing system that is under the care of trusted professionals is a system that lasts longer and works more efficiently. Trying to fix a plumbing problem without a professional can take a lot of time that homeowners probably don’t have. If they hire a professional, they’ll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently so they can return to their life and busy schedules.

Ditch the Anxiety and Trust the Professionals 

The great thing about most professional plumbers is that they have an active license and insurance. All qualified plumbing companies insure their workers because of how dangerous plumbing can get. This is yet another reason homeowners should avoid DIY plumbing.

When plumbers are insured, homeowners are not financially liable for any mistakes or accidents during service. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their wallets are protected, but with DIY plumbing, homeowners would be financially responsible for all damages. Once homeowners know they have a trustworthy, licensed, insured, and experienced plumber, they can sit back and relax until the job is done, knowing they are saving time and money. 

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Three Ways To Beat the Heat This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer with These Easy Tips 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington State is getting hotter. A 2016 study reports that within the last 100 years, the state’s temperature has increased by one to two degrees Fahrenheit. This may not seem like much to some. However, this causes various weather changes that make walking outside feel like walking into an oven. 

There are many things homeowners can do this season to enjoy the summer without overheating. The main thing is to make sure the air conditioning unit works properly. Some considerations include routine AC maintenance, exploring AC replacement, and using ceiling fans. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Key to the Perfect Home Temperature 

acIt seems like air conditioners know the most inconvenient times to break down. However, by routinely maintaining one’s HVAC system, homeowners can prevent their units from going out of commission. Some AC maintenance tips include: 

  • Changing the air filter: EnergyStar reports that homeowners should change their air filters once every three months – and perhaps more often if they have pets. The air filter lets the AC system “breathe.” It also keeps dust, dander, and other debris from clogging the system. 
  • Keeping the AC system on: Even during the winter, Washingtonians should keep their AC systems on, even if for a few minutes a day. This way, they can learn about any problems faster instead of learning about them when summer rolls around, and the AC is crucial. 
  • Promptly addressing any issues: Air conditioning problems don’t fix themselves. These issues need the help of a trained professional. The longer one waits to get an expert opinion, the more problems they risk.

Many other tasks are also involved in maintaining an air conditioning system, but they should be left to a trained professional. They know how to avoid damaging the unit and can better spot any issues forming. 

Homeowners Should Periodically Consider New AC Systems 

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that the average AC system lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 years. The organization also notes that even if a system is only ten years old, homeowners could save up to 40 percent in energy bills by getting a newer system. 

When considering AC replacement, it’s important that homeowners also consider: 

  • The size of the home: Consider the home’s square footage when shopping for a new AC system. After all, AC units come in different sizes. The size of the AC unit should suit the home’s square footage. Otherwise, it may not work efficiently. 
  • What type of AC system they want: Some AC systems have more advantages than others. For instance, many homeowners are opting for ductless air conditioners. These systems allow homeowners to have more control over their residences’ temperatures. 
  • EnergyStar AC units: EnergyStar’s air conditioning units use less energy than most systems on today’s market. Some even qualify for tax credits. 

If one wants a new AC system, they shouldn’t just buy the first one they see. They should consult with an air conditioner replacement service to explore their options. 

Put Those Ceiling Fans To Work 

fan The home’s ceiling fans and AC system work in perfect harmony. The AC system emits cool air while ceiling fans circulate that cool air. During the summer, homeowners should make their ceiling fan’s direction counterclockwise to make the air feel cooler. Homeowners can save some money on their energy bills this summer by turning up the thermostat by a few degrees and using fans to make up for it. 

Homeowners should also consider the benefits of using air purifiers or even desktop fans. Both of these things can work together to help create the perfect indoor climate. 

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Treat Mom to a Spa Day Every Day At Home!

Three Ways to Turn the Bathroom Into a Relaxing Oasis

Whether mom is a stay-at-home mom or is out there shaking things up in the working world, she works hard to keep the home running and the family together. In return for all of that hard work, she gets one day a year for her family to express their gratitude for all that she does. But doesn’t she deserve to feel special and be rewarded every day?

This Mother’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates. Spa packages only last for a day, and flowers die. But what if the spa experience could be her everyday experience? Take some advice from local plumbers and consider these creative ideas for mom. 

Find a New Showerheadshowers

The bathroom is the best room to start when it comes to finding long-lasting gifts for Mother’s Day, and what more straightforward way to start than getting a new showerhead. The spa experience in a home bathroom begins with a luxurious bath or shower. Sometimes, mom is too busy for a long and relaxing soak, but why does that mean a shower can’t be comfortable, too?

New showerheads can pack a big punch when it comes to luxury. A few features that are available in affordable showerheads are:

  • Bluetooth speakers for mom’s favorite tunes or relaxing music
  • LED lighting to soothe away stress
  • Gentle rainfall patterns for maximum relaxation
  • Water filtration to reduce hardness and protect her skin

Install or Upgrade the Bathtubtub

Upgrading the bathtub for families looking for a more significant spa project for Mother’s Day is excellent. In most homes, master bathrooms are built with builder’s grade materials and aren’t much to rave about luxury-wise. But, with a budget and creativity, the space can be transformed into an oasis. Plumbers can have the bathroom of mom’s dreams ready for her to enjoy in just a few days.

There are numerous options for upgrading the bathtub. Research bathtub designs like:

  • Pedestal tubs for long, relaxing soaks
  • Jacuzzi tubs with massaging jets and heaters
  • Drop-in tubs for a dramatic bathroom presentation
  • Walk-in tubs for mothers that have mobility issues
  • Bathtub inserts to replace existing alcove bath/shower combos

Release the Zen of the Bathroom

There are tons of opportunities to enhance the aesthetic of a bathroom or accentuate the changes being made for Mother’s Day. The bathroom is one of the most heavily-decorated rooms in a home, so there are plenty of places to make changes that won’t break the bank. Start with ideas like:

  • Upgrading sink faucets and tub and shower fixtures
  • Install new towel racks and toilet paper dispensers
  • Get new trash cans for accent pieces
  • Replace the vanity or bathroom sink
  • Hang a new shower curtain
  • Install color-changing LEDs and dimmer switches to set a relaxing mood

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Add Duct Cleaning to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Air Duct Cleaning for Cleaner Air  

Spring is the perfect time to get a fresh start and clean up the house. One part of the house that could probably use more attention this year is the ductwork. Central heating systems use ductwork within walls, floors, and ceilings to circulate air from the central unit to different rooms. These ducts can become dusty and dirty over time. 

Professional heating and cooling technicians can efficiently clean the inside of the ductwork to prevent dust from building up and damaging the system. This blog post gives a brief overview of the benefits of air duct cleaning and why homeowners should get their air ducts cleaned as part of their spring cleaning this year. 

Benefits of Annual Air Duct Cleaning duct

  • Keep utility bills low 
  • Increase longevity of the AC unit 
  • Prevent debris from causing a breakdown 
  • Remove allergens from the air 

There are a few reasons to invest in duct cleaning services. When the dust and debris within the ductwork become too much, it can affect the system’s performance. Inefficient HVAC performance can cause a spike in utility bills. And when the air ducts get too dirty, it can lead to a total system failure. 

As the contaminants within the air ducts recirculate through the house via the vents, these airborne particles of dust can cause allergic reactions. Dust only further aggravates the symptoms of spring allergies. Homeowners should invest in air duct cleaning services to improve their indoor air quality


Warning Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

Homeowners should be on the lookout for signs that they need air duct cleaning services. During annual or bi-annual AC maintenance appointments, the technician may recommend duct cleaning services. Scheduling regular maintenance helps homeowners identify and resolve issues with their HVAC systems before a total system breakdown occurs. 

Homeowners can tell if they have dirty air ducts by looking into the vents for visible signs of dust build-up, paying attention to unusual spikes in the utility bills, and noticing if there is an abnormal amount of dust particles floating around the air. If the house is always dusty, even right after it has been cleaned, it may be because dust in the air ducts is being pushed back into the house with each air cycle. 

Maintenance Tips for Clean Indoor Air 

Regular maintenance on HVAC units can prevent dirt, dust, mold, and mildew from collecting in the air ducts. Keeping the area around the HVAC unit clean is one easy thing homeowners can do to keep their ducts clean. Replacing the air filter on time will prevent dirt and dust particles from getting sucked into the HVAC unit and the vents. Experts recommend changing the air filter at least every three months. 

Investing in a high-quality air filter that removes even tiny particles of dust can help keep the inside of the system cleaner over time. Having a clean house helps keep the air clean by reducing the number of contaminants that could become airborne and inhaled. The best way for homeowners to ensure that their air ducts are always clean is to keep the house clean between duct cleaning services.

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