How Can Homeowners Prepare Their Heaters for the Fall?

Get the Heater Ready for Colder Weather 

The seasons are changing, temperatures are getting cooler, and as with every season, there are certain things that homeowners need to do to make sure their property is ready to handle another winter. During the winter, people spend most of their time nestled indoors where their heater or furnace can protect them from the frigid temperatures outside. Unfortunately, if the heater isn’t properly cared for, it can fail to perform this winter. 

Homeowners can do a few things to prevent a heating problem and repairs this winter. This article is a quick guide to help homeowners ensure their heater is ready and working efficiently for the coming seasons and their air quality stays high during the winter. By following this advice, homeowners can save money by preventing repairs and lowering energy bills.  

Schedule Heating Maintenance 

The first thing on a fall maintenance checklist for the home should be scheduling professional heater maintenance. Heating and cooling accounts for around 40% of utility bills, so ensuring that it runs as efficiently as possible with routine maintenance can save homeowners money. Maintenance can save even more money by leading to fewer future issues and repairs and extending the life of the heater. 

During a heating maintenance visit from a local professional, technicians do important things like: 

  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Replace worn belts
  • Look for damaged system components
  • Clean the burner
  • Check safety devices
  • Test the gas or electrical connections

By spending a little money on annual heater maintenance, homeowners can save by helping prevent major problems, extending their lifespan, and saving on energy costs. 

Change Air Filters 

air filterAnother thing that shouldn’t be neglected to care for the heater correctly is air filters. How often they should be replaced depends on their size and type, but it’s generally around every three months. Dirty air filters can have many negative effects, such as poor indoor air quality, inefficiency, and higher energy bills. 

Replacing air or furnace filters on time, on the other hand, improves the heater’s efficiency, reduces utility bills, helps protect the heater from overheating and other problems, and improves indoor air quality, which can help improve the health of those who live in the home.  

Keep Track of Utility Bills 

smart thermostatAs mentioned above, heaters use a massive amount of energy to keep the home warm during the winter, and heating and cooling account for a huge portion of utility bills. One of the significant benefits of monitoring energy usage is that homeowners can more easily spot trouble, as a spike in utility bills is a sign of heater trouble, allowing them to get it repaired before the heater faces worse consequences.

Aside from a sign indicating the need for heater repair, monitoring energy bills can also be used to see how homeowners can save. Adding weatherstripping around doors and windows and installing a smart thermostat are two ways to help reduce a home’s energy usage and save money, and keeping track of bills allows homeowners to see how much they are saving and what more can be done.

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Help Avoid Sewer Line Clogs With These 3 Easy Tips!

Prevent Clogged Sewer Lines 

Slow-moving drainage, standing water, funky smells – these are but a few of the things that homeowners have to put up with when their sewer lines get clogged. They’re annoying at best, but if they become a severe problem, clogged sewer lines can cause damage to homes as well as lead to health and sanitation issues. Homeowners who want to be free of this problem don’t have to look far for a solution. Here are three of the easiest ways homeowners can help prevent clogs in their sewer lines.

Call Professionals for Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaningWhen it comes to pipe problems, prevention is always better than repair. Contracting the services of a professional plumber to conduct regular drain cleaning should keep pipes healthy and clog-free, saving homeowners a lot of time and resources that would otherwise have been consumed by a particularly nasty clog or blockage that could have been prevented in the first place. 

Most plumbers offer drain cleaning services that help homeowners solve and prevent clogs in the sewer line. They can access a home’s sewer line to reach clogs without digging up the yard to get to the plumbing lines. Plumbers are also trained and equipped to conduct hydro jet drain cleaning, which is a method of cleaning the pipes using highly pressurized water that can clear out even the most stubborn blockages that even augers or drain snakes would have a hard time removing. This drain cleaning method is also the best for cleaning the sewer line to prevent clogs.

Install a Mesh Drain Screen in the Home’s Drains

meshWhile having a professional plumber maintain the pipes at home is a great way to keep clogs from becoming a problem, homeowners can also take steps to prevent their pipes from getting clogged. One such way is to purchase and install mesh drain screens that will keep objects from going down the drain and getting lodged in the piping. 

This method isn’t just cheap and simple, but it is also highly effective at preventing clogs by catching anything that may accidentally make its way to the drains and cause clogs. Mesh drain screens are inexpensive, easy to find, and easy for homeowners to install, making them an excellent method for DIY clog prevention at home.

Don’t Dispose of Food Waste in the Kitchen Sink Drain 

One of the worst offenders when it comes to sewer line clogs is food waste that makes its way from the drain in the kitchen sink. Most people think it’s okay to dispose of food scraps there, especially if they have a garbage disposal installed. While the garbage disposal is designed to grind down food into small pieces to prevent them from clogging up the pipes, most food items are still better thrown in the trash. 

Some food waste should never be put down a drain or garbage disposal. These include bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, pasta, and rice. Not only can they cause problems with garbage disposals, but they can also form clogs in the pipes. Another thing that must be kept away from the drains at all costs is oil, grease, or fat. These are particularly bad for sewer lines because they solidify once cold. While they may be liquid when poured down the kitchen drain, they can become solid in the pipes and cause a blockage. 

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Chase Away Those Back to School Blues With This Primer on Air Conditioning

Understanding How an Air Conditioner Works

It’s simple enough to understand what an air conditioner does and what it’s for. One of the most common household appliances that people practically can’t live without, especially in the thick of the summer season, ACs are meant to provide comfort and relief from the heat by cooling the air indoors. But while its convenience and practicality make it a hot commodity as temperatures soar, it’s worth asking if people know enough about it to maximize its capabilities and keep it performing at peak levels. For those who want to be in the know, here’s a brief primer on air conditioning just in time for the back-to-school season.

Popular Kinds of Air Conditioners

acWhile there are many different kinds of air conditioners available for the average consumer to choose from, some of the most commonly found in households usually fall into two distinct categories: the central air conditioner or the ductless mini split air conditioner. The main difference between the two is that central air conditioning systems use a network of air vents and air ducts to take in warm air from indoors and then redistribute the cool, treated air to different rooms and spaces within the home. 

Ductless mini splits, however, do not use ductwork. Instead of having the entire home at one set temperature using air ducts, ductless mini-split systems have multiple indoor units that control the air temperature in that particular room or zone in the house. This means mini splits offer greater flexibility and can save on energy bills by adjusting the temperature in unused parts of the home. Additionally, ductless mini split air conditioners are more energy efficient because they don’t experience energy loss in the ductwork like central AC systems, helping homeowners save money on energy costs. However, central air conditioning systems are typically cheaper to install. 

Does Your AC Need Repair?

Most air conditioners, whether central or ductless, are built to last for a long time. Still, every now and then, they encounter hiccups that may require some form of air conditioning repair, if not outright replacement. Some of the most common signs indicating problems with the AC include:

  • Unusually high energy bills: This may be caused by dirt and other debris that clog up the filters, preventing air from flowing efficiently or being cooled properly. Another possibility is that malfunctioning parts are causing the AC to function inefficiently.
  • Lack of cooling power: An AC that doesn’t seem to cool the space properly may suffer from a refrigerant leak or malfunctioning component.
  • Odd smells and noises: Strange noises and smells may be caused by many issues, including loose parts or the accumulation of moisture that allows mold or mildew to grow within the unit.
  • Weak airflow: Homeowners should be wary of any physical blockages or leaks in the system that may prevent air from flowing correctly and affect airflow.

How to Keep Your AC in Tip-Top Shape

maintenanceWhen it comes to longevity, AC maintenance is the name of the game because keeping the AC in excellent working order will not only keep homeowners from dealing with emergency repairs that cause inconvenience and unexpected costs but also keep them from having to fork over a serious amount of money to cover the cost of early air conditioning replacement. 

Engaging in routine air conditioning maintenance, such as changing the air filter once every three months and contracting the services of a professional HVAC technician to check for problems and tweak the system to achieve peak performance, goes a long way in making sure that air conditioners are working well and providing the comfort that homeowners need as they sail the heat waves of summer. Annual air conditioner maintenance will also ensure the system works efficiently and can prevent energy bills from rising. 

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Don’t Let a Faulty Water Heater Affect Your Home

Signs That the Water Heater Needs Service

A water heater is an essential household appliance often overlooked until the moment it malfunctions, like being greeted with a cold shower on a chilly morning can be jarring. Understanding the signs that a water heater needs professional attention is vital in preventing such unpleasant surprises. This blog will share various signs that a water heater is experiencing issues and requires attention from a professional. 

It’s Making Unusual Sounds

soundsThe sounds a machine makes can tell a lot about the state it is currently in. Loud, popping sounds from the water heater, for example, may be due to excess sediment in the water heater tank and maintenance being neglected. Over time, the sediment and mineral deposits can form a hardened layer over the heating element or along the inside wall of the water tank, which creates a loud popping noise as heat builds up inside the tank.

This indicates the water heater needs maintenance, which involves having a plumber drain and flush the hot water tank and check the anode rod to see if it needs to be replaced. These essential water heater maintenance tasks help the unit perform efficiently and help prevent tank corrosion which would require replacing the water heater early. 

Hot Water in the Home Is Smelly and Discolored

sinkAnother common sign of water heater problems is the quality of hot water that comes out of plumbing fixtures around the home. If the hot water smells bad or comes out looking cloudy, discolored, or tinted red with what looks like rust, it can be a sign of corrosion in the water heater. 

A corroded water heater means that the tank material has degraded over time, which can cause bits and pieces of the rusted tank to come off and contaminate the water that comes out of it, creating poor water quality. When the water heater has corroded, it will likely require a replacement rather than a repair.

It’s Leaking

Any leak in any part of the home requires immediate attention, including if this happens to a hot water heater. Leaks from a water heater may mean that corrosion has damaged the tank’s material and compromised its durability, causing a leak, or the leak may be due to a more minor issue, such as a loose valve.

While it’s possible for a leaking water heater to be repaired if it requires a part or valve to be tightened or replaced, a corroded water heater will likely need replacement. A professional can assess the extent of the water heater’s damage to determine the best solution to fix the water heater.

About Total Comfort Solutions

Total Comfort Solutions has over a decade of experience serving Walla Walla and the surrounding communities. They provide 24-hour emergency service, straightforward pricing, and on-time service. Call them today for water heater services in Walla Walla, WA.

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Why a Ductless HVAC System Is a Smart Choice for the Home

Understanding Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Choosing the right heating and cooling system for the home can be daunting. With so many options available, it’s important to consider the benefits of each system, and only then is it possible to make an informed decision. And given advances in ductless heating and cooling, there’s much to consider about ductless mini splits. This post will cover some advantages of ductless mini-split systems, from lower energy bills and easier installation to improved comfort and indoor air quality. 

How a Ductless Mini Split Can Reduce Energy Bills


Ductless mini-split systems can save homeowners money on their energy bills. Since there are no air ducts, the energy losses associated with ducts are negated. In fact, they can reduce the energy used by air conditioners by 30 percent. Many ductless systems also use inverter technology, which allows them to adjust their output to match the heating and cooling needs of the room. This means they use only the energy required to maintain the desired temperature rather than constantly cycling on and off, which can drain energy.

Another way ductless mini-split systems can save homeowners money is through their zone control capabilities. Unlike traditional central air HVAC systems, which heat or cool the entire home through ducts, ductless systems allow for individual zone temperature control. Homeowners can turn up or down the temperature depending on the season in rooms that are not being used, reducing energy use and saving money on energy bills. 

Ductless Mini-Splits and Their Installation


Aside from providing energy-efficient operation, mini-split systems don’t require ductwork installation in the home. Instead, the outdoor unit is connected to indoor units through electrical wiring and a refrigerant line. This typically makes ductless mini-split installation simpler and easier for technicians than central air systems with ducts. 

Installing ductless systems is also a fantastic heating and cooling option for people retrofitting older homes that don’t have ductwork. Room additions where the ductwork cannot be extended and smaller homes without room for ductwork installation can also benefit from these systems since they don’t need air ducts. 

How Ductless Systems Can Improve Home Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Having a comfortable home environment is essential. With a ductless mini split, households can maximize their comfort by customizing temperatures in different parts of the house without having to set one temperature for the whole house. This provides greater flexibility and convenience and allows temperatures to be set depending on people’s preferences.

Since there are no air ducts with a ductless mini split system and each indoor unit has an air filter, they can also help improve the home’s indoor air quality. Ducts are prime real estate for dust, pet dander, mold, and other airborne allergens and irritants. They can be cycled through the house whenever the air conditioner or heater comes on. But dirty ducts affecting indoor air quality aren’t an issue with a ductless system. 

About Total Comfort Solutions

Total Comfort Solutions is a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company serving Walla Walla, WA, and the surrounding communities since 2008. They provide straightforward pricing, free installation estimates, and on-time service. Call them today for ductless mini-split installation in Walla Walla, WA.

Why Water Softeners Can Make a Big Difference in Homes

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is a type of water containing high levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals form deposits and scale buildup on pipes, appliances, and other surfaces. This can result in various problems around the home and in the plumbing. Water softeners are an effective solution for dealing with problems from hard water and improving water quality in homes and businesses.

A water softener is a device used to remove the minerals from hard water, thus making it soft. A typical water softener consists of a tank filled with resin beads, which attract and capture the mineral ions from the hard water through ion exchange. Once the resin beads are saturated with mineral ions, the softener will automatically initiate a regeneration cycle to flush the accumulated minerals. This process ensures that the water remains soft and free of mineral deposits. This blog post will share the adverse effects of hard water and the benefits of installing a water softener.

Helps With Cleaning

cleaningSpots on dishes or ones that look cloudy are common in homes with hard water. They are usually found on glasses even after they’ve been washed. However, cleaning dishes will be easier and more effective with a water softener. Additionally, washing dirty laundry with soft water will allow most materials to last longer while looking brighter. This is because washing clothing in hard water can cause them to wear out and fade faster.

Hard water also causes more difficulty when cleaning because it can leave mineral deposits and scale on plumbing fixtures which can be challenging and time-consuming to clean. However, installing a water softener prevents this scale buildup and saves homeowners time when cleaning.

Soft Water Protects the Plumbing System

A water-softening system prevents harsh mineral buildup not only on the plumbing but inside the plumbing, allowing for a steady flow of water. When scale builds up in the pipes or plumbing fixtures, it can reduce the water flow and water pressure, but by using a water softener, the pipes, and fixtures will last longer without needless repairs.

Scale buildup can also shorten the lifespan of water heaters and cause them to lose efficiency, raising energy bills. If homeowners hear strange noises or a popping sound from the water heater tank, this can indicate buildup inside. If ignored, it can also cause corrosion and even leaks. 

Benefits for the Hair and Skin

healthWater softeners can make a noticeable difference in a person’s appearance and comfort. Hard water can dry out the skin and hair and cause itchiness of the scalp and skin irritation, but installing a water softener can help improve the hydration of the hair and skin and prevent the uncomfortableness accompanying a dry scalp and skin. 

Hard water can also exacerbate certain skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Even household members without prior skin conditions can develop rashes or mild irritation. However, installing a water softener system can help keep the hair and body feeling refreshed and moisturized. 

About Total Comfort Solutions

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated business serving Walla Walla, WA, and the surrounding areas. They provide straightforward pricing, free installation estimates, and on-time service. Call them today for water softener installation, repair, or maintenance in Walla Walla, WA.

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Beat Your Allergies This Spring

3 Easy Ways to Breathe Easier This Spring

Spring is an exciting time for many reasons. However, it also signifies seasonal allergies for many people. As the flowers bloom, the pollen count increases, making it difficult for allergy sufferers to enjoy the season. However, allergies don’t just affect people outside. Indoor air often gets stale since the same air is cycled throughout the home, trapping allergens indoors and worsening symptoms. But improving indoor air quality can help those with allergies breathe easier and stay healthier indoors. This article will discuss three easy ways to improve indoor air quality and beat allergies this spring.

Open Windows for Fresh Air

windowsWhen the weather permits, opening windows on breezier days can be beneficial in many ways. One of the main benefits is improved air circulation. By opening the windows, homeowners can let out old and stale air while allowing fresh air to enter. This helps improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants and allergens that may have accumulated over time.

Opening windows can be especially helpful for those who suffer from allergies. Allergic reactions are often triggered by pollen and other air-born particles that can become trapped in living environments if new air is not allowed to enter the space. By opening windows on breezier days, homeowners are allowing these particles out of their homes and helping to relieve allergy symptoms. Opening windows can be a great way to improve indoor air quality and reduce the effects of allergies.

Replace Air Filters for Clean Air

filterAir filters trap pollutants and allergens to help keep indoor air clean. However, these filters can become dirty and clogged over time, reducing their effectiveness at trapping airborne particles and hindering airflow through the filter. Regularly replacing air filters helps to improve indoor air quality, reduce allergy symptoms, and maintain the energy efficiency of an HVAC system.

Improving indoor air quality by changing or cleaning air filters when necessary can help to improve the health of those living in the home by reducing allergens, making it a more comfortable space for everyone. Factors like the type of air filter used, if a home has pets, and if people living there have allergies can all affect how often air filters should be changed, but it’s typically at least every three months. 

Clean to Eliminate Dust and Allergens

Dust and allergens can accumulate on surfaces throughout the home, exacerbating seasonal allergies. Regular cleaning can help eliminate these irritants and improve indoor air quality. Dusting surfaces, vacuuming carpets and rugs, and washing bedding and drapes often can all help reduce the presence of allergens in the home and allergy symptoms.

Keeping the home clean with less dust and allergens also helps the air conditioning system and air ducts because less will be available to circulate through the air cycle, further improving indoor air quality. If more solutions are needed to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms, HVAC contractors can recommend additional options like installing air purifiers, cleaners, and filtration systems. 

About Total Comfort Solutions

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated business serving Walla Walla and the surrounding areas since 2008. They provide straightforward pricing, emergency service, and on-time arrivals. Call them today for indoor air quality or air filter replacement services in Walla Walla, WA.

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The Astonishing Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning can help prevent various plumbing problems that would otherwise cause havoc in a home or business. Clogged drains can cause significant disruptions and pose health risks, ranging from unpleasant odors and backups to stubborn blockages and burst pipes. However, professional drain cleaning services can effectively solve or prevent these issues. This blog will discuss the advantages of professional drain cleaning, such as improved plumbing system performance, cost savings, and a healthier living or working environment.

Prevents Clogs and Buildup

plumberRoutine drain cleaning is necessary to avoid clogs and buildup in the pipes. Debris, grease, and other materials can build up in pipes over time, reducing water flow and potentially leading to costly plumbing issues. Professional plumbers have the necessary tools and knowledge to clean lines thoroughly and remove obstructions. They use techniques such as hydro jetting and drain snaking to clear pipes and remove buildup. 

Regular drain cleaning can also help prevent future clogs and extend the life of pipes. Plumbers can perform routine maintenance to keep lines clean and debris-free, lowering the likelihood of clogs and other plumbing problems. Homeowners and business owners can enjoy knowing their plumbing system is in good working order by investing in professional drain cleaning services.

Minimizes the Risk of Flooding

plumberClogs in pipes can cause several issues, including leaks, pipe bursts, and even sewage backups, all of which can result in flooding and significant water damage. When drains become clogged, water cannot flow freely, increasing pressure within the pipes. This can cause weak points in pipes to burst or leak, resulting in extensive water damage. Furthermore, if a clog is severe enough, sewage can back up into a home or business, posing a health risk and causing extensive damage. 

Regular professional drain cleaning can help to avoid these problems by removing any obstructions in the pipes and allowing water to flow freely. While performing regular drain cleaning, plumbers can also detect potential issues before they become serious, allowing homeowners and business owners to take action before any damage occurs. Property owners can reduce the risk of flooding, protect their property from water damage, and ensure the health and safety of occupants by investing in professional cleaning services.

Fewer Repairs and Cleanups

Drain cleaning can help property owners avoid costly plumbing emergencies and reduce the need for expensive repairs and cleanups. When drains become clogged, the pressure within the pipes can build up, resulting in leaks, bursts, or backups that cause water damage. Besides the cost of repair for the plumbing, these issues also require paying for the clean-up and repair of water damage and any structural integrity issues or mold growth it has caused. 

These problems caused by clogs can cause extensive damage and necessitate costly repairs and cleanups. So property owners should ensure their plumbing system is functioning correctly and prevent potential problems from escalating into emergencies by investing in routine drain cleaning services. Taking preventative measures saves homeowners money and helps them avoid the stress and inconvenience of dealing with unexpected plumbing emergencies.

About Total Comfort Solutions

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated business serving Walla Walla and the surrounding communities. They provide straightforward pricing, on-time service, and 24/7 emergency HVAC service. Call them today for drain cleaning services in Walla Walla, WA.

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Fight the Winter Dryness With a Whole-House Humidifier!

3 Benefits of a Humidifier

Humidifiers can benefit homes this winter by adding moisture to the air, which can help alleviate dry skin, static electricity, and respiratory issues. They can also protect wood furniture and musical instruments from cracking. This blog will share three surprising benefits of installing a central humidifier.

Respiratory Benefits of Humidifiers

benefitHumidity is crucial for respiratory health as it keeps the airways lubricated and wet. The nose, throat, and lungs might become itchy and dry when the air is dry. This can worsen illnesses like asthma and allergies and increase the risk of respiratory infections like sinusitis and bronchitis. 

Introducing moisture to the air using a whole home or central humidifier helps lessen these symptoms and enhance respiratory health. As too much humidity can also negatively affect respiratory health, it is recommended to maintain humidity levels within a safe range, often between 30% and 50%.

How a Humidifier Can Improve Your Skincare 

Dry air can have a variety of negative effects on the skin. It can result in dry, flaking, and itchy skin. Dryness can also cause an excess of oil to be produced, causing clogged pores and acne. Additionally, the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis can be worsened by dry air, resulting in more redness, irritation, and itching. Dry air dries the skin and causes it to lose suppleness, which can even make wrinkles and fine lines appear more pronounced. 

However, the detrimental effects on the skin may be lessened by using a humidifier to restore moisture to the air and skin. Humidifiers can be a great addition to any skincare routine. Adding moisture back into the air is beneficial for the skin because it helps to increase the hydration within the skin, which can lead to a softer, more supple texture.

Humidifiers can help reduce inflammation and redness of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They can also help to reduce the loss of moisture from the skin due to dry air and can help to reduce pore size. Humidifiers are great for all skin types, but especially for those who suffer from dry skin or have sensitivities to environmental changes.

How a Humidifier Can Help Indoor Plants

plantThrough a process known as photosynthesis, indoor plants create food and oxygen by utilizing the moisture in the surrounding air. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and water during photosynthesis through tiny pores on their leaves, known as stomata. In this process, light and carbon dioxide are transformed into glucose, a type of sugar, and oxygen utilizing the energy from the light, and the water absorbed. The energy needed for plants to grow and thrive is provided by this process, which is crucial for their existence. 

However, it can be challenging for plants to absorb the moisture required to complete this process in dry air, which may be why many people think they can’t take care of plants. Restoring moisture to the air through a central humidifier can enhance the health of plants. This may be especially helpful in the winter when the air is often drier, and the heating is running. A humidifier can encourage plants to flourish, create more oxygen, and appear healthier.

About Total Comfort Solutions

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated business serving Walla Walla, WA, residents, and surrounding areas. They offer straightforward pricing, on-time service, and free installation estimates. Call them today for humidifier services in Walla Walla, WA.

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Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

Benefits of Water Heater Replacement 

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower in the middle of the winter, except for a shower that starts hot and then turns icy cold in seconds. In both of these situations, it’s wise to consider water heater replacement. While one can hire a professional to render various repairs, if these repairs are too frequent, it could be more cost-effective to get a new appliance. But getting a new water heater installed isn’t a negative. This blog will discuss some of the main benefits of getting a new water heater. 

Saving Money on Energy Bills 

On average, a water heater can last 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Some water heaters (tankless water heaters) can last 20 years. However, one thing’s certain: a water heater’s age shows with each passing year. This generally manifests as higher energy bills, decreased efficiency, and frequent inconveniences. 

Installing a new water heater benefits homeowners in that it will work more efficiently and cost less to operate. The new water heater will be more efficient and save homeowners money on energy bills, so installing a new water heater can actually save homeowners money when the old water heater is inefficient. 

Faster Hot Water Recovery Rate

waterEveryone wants a water heater with a fast hot water recovery rate. That means it can dispense and heat water quickly after the hot water has been used up. As a water heater ages, it generally loses its quick recovery rate, meaning it takes longer to heat water. A water heater that could once heat 25 gallons of water in minutes could now take close to an hour to work as expected. 

With a new water heater, one can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Longer, hotter showers 
  • Shorter waiting times for hot water
  • Cleaner clothes and dishes 
  • Energy savings 

Space Savings 

heaterAnother benefit of new water heaters is that they can be much smaller and save space. Today’s water heaters are more efficient and require less space, particularly tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are compact units that can be mounted on a wall, making them an ideal solution for areas with limited space. This is especially beneficial in homes where the heater needs to be installed in smaller storage locations like garages, basements, or closets. 

By having a tankless water heater, homeowners can free up valuable real estate from the area in which it is installed and make more efficient use of their limited space. Furthermore, tankless water heaters are incredibly energy-efficient because they only heat the water when needed, rather than storing hot water in a large tank like traditional models. This energy efficiency also leads to lower water heating costs. 

About Total Comfort Solutions 

Total Comfort Solutions is a family-owned and operated business serving Walla Walla, WA, and the surrounding areas since 2008. They provide straightforward pricing, on-time service, and a worry-free process. Call them today for water heater or tankless water heater services in Walla Walla, WA.