Treat Mom to a Spa Day Every Day At Home!

Three Ways to Turn the Bathroom Into a Relaxing Oasis

Whether mom is a stay-at-home mom or is out there shaking things up in the working world, she works hard to keep the home running and the family together. In return for all of that hard work, she gets one day a year for her family to express their gratitude for all that she does. But doesn’t she deserve to feel special and be rewarded every day?

This Mother’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates. Spa packages only last for a day, and flowers die. But what if the spa experience could be her everyday experience? Take some advice from local plumbers and consider these creative ideas for mom. 

Find a New Showerheadshowers

The bathroom is the best room to start when it comes to finding long-lasting gifts for Mother’s Day, and what more straightforward way to start than getting a new showerhead. The spa experience in a home bathroom begins with a luxurious bath or shower. Sometimes, mom is too busy for a long and relaxing soak, but why does that mean a shower can’t be comfortable, too?

New showerheads can pack a big punch when it comes to luxury. A few features that are available in affordable showerheads are:

  • Bluetooth speakers for mom’s favorite tunes or relaxing music
  • LED lighting to soothe away stress
  • Gentle rainfall patterns for maximum relaxation
  • Water filtration to reduce hardness and protect her skin

Install or Upgrade the Bathtubtub

Upgrading the bathtub for families looking for a more significant spa project for Mother’s Day is excellent. In most homes, master bathrooms are built with builder’s grade materials and aren’t much to rave about luxury-wise. But, with a budget and creativity, the space can be transformed into an oasis. Plumbers can have the bathroom of mom’s dreams ready for her to enjoy in just a few days.

There are numerous options for upgrading the bathtub. Research bathtub designs like:

  • Pedestal tubs for long, relaxing soaks
  • Jacuzzi tubs with massaging jets and heaters
  • Drop-in tubs for a dramatic bathroom presentation
  • Walk-in tubs for mothers that have mobility issues
  • Bathtub inserts to replace existing alcove bath/shower combos

Release the Zen of the Bathroom

There are tons of opportunities to enhance the aesthetic of a bathroom or accentuate the changes being made for Mother’s Day. The bathroom is one of the most heavily-decorated rooms in a home, so there are plenty of places to make changes that won’t break the bank. Start with ideas like:

  • Upgrading sink faucets and tub and shower fixtures
  • Install new towel racks and toilet paper dispensers
  • Get new trash cans for accent pieces
  • Replace the vanity or bathroom sink
  • Hang a new shower curtain
  • Install color-changing LEDs and dimmer switches to set a relaxing mood

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